Judgement Day Summary

No less than God Himself, within His Bible, has given us many cross-correlating paths and proofs that Judgement Day will begin on May 21 of 2011AD (Biblically that will be the 17th day of the 2nd month of the 13,023th year since creation). He's also revealed what events will take place on that first Day of Judgement. There will be two.

One of these events will be the most powerful earthquake ever by far. This one will be global in scope and strong enough to open up every grave ever dug and to spew out all of their contents up onto the surface for shaming. The devastation to our cities and global infrastructure will be complete, with no ability for any area to send out rescue teams to any other area.

Many people will die as an immediate consequence of this quake, and the rest will continue to die at an enormous rate throughout the next 153 days that this universe will still be allowed to continue (until its eventual annihilation on October 21). Food and water supplies will, of course, be heavily contaminated, and disease will be rampant. The ground will be littered with an ever-increasing number of rotting corpses, there being neither room nor ability to bury any. Every breath taken will be saturated with the pungent odour of decaying flesh.

The other event will be what's commonly known as "the rapture". This is when God will finally take all of His people, those whom He has saved from their sins through the death and resurrection of Jesus, up into Heaven. The Bible strongly hints that this will involve about two hundred million people. Most significantly, though, it also reveals that it won't include anyone who's still within the churches on May 21. This is because the major thrust of God's judgement is, in fact, being directed against the churches since they were given the job of accurately representing Him to mankind but have abysmally failed at this task. They'll feel the judgement far worse than the others because they'll see the rapture and realize that they themselves have been left behind.

You may be wondering what it is that the churches have done that's been so wrong. It's that they've consistently taught, in one way or another, that we can get ourselves saved. Some teach that water baptism gets us in, some teach that inviting Jesus into our hearts gets us in, some teach that uttering the right kind of prayer gets us in, some teach that denominational membership gets us in, some teach that believing the right things gets us in, and on and on it goes. No denomination has ever truly taught that there's absolutely nothing at all that any of us can do to get ourselves saved.

What the Bible actually teaches is that God Himself has chosen, ahead of time, exactly whom He intended to save, and that then, in the person of Jesus, personally paid for each and every one of their sins so that He could save them. For any of us to believe, and especially for any church to teach, that there's something we must add to what Jesus did is to believe that what Jesus did is, in some subtle way, insufficient. Our insistence that we need to earn God's favour, even if it's only just a little bit, makes a total mockery of God's grace and mercy.

It looks like (I'm not prepared to declare this fact with absolute certainty yet) these events will be a rolling, rather than an instantaneous, affair - taking place at about 6pm, standard time, on May 21 in each location. If correct, this means that mankind will finally begin to take God seriously when these events first strike near the island of Kiribati [GMT+12], which will be approximately 2am, Eastern Daylight Time, as May 21 begins here. As they progress around the earth, from east to west, until they finally come to an end near the island of Samoa [GMT-12], people around the world will be in a state of abject terror as they see this truly earth-shattering event steadily and unstoppably approaching.

There's actually a bit of good news in all of this. As declared above, this entire universe will be totally annihilated on October 21. The teaching of the churches that all unsaved people will end up in a place called Hell where they'll endure unendurable, eternal torment is, to put it mildly, a blatant, self-serving, evil lie. It has presented God as an incredibly mean and vengeful being who can never get enough out of relentlessly beating the pulp out of those who oppose Him. This gross misrepresentation of our great and merciful God is something else which the churches themselves are now being held to account for. Even though the final five months of history, from May 21 through October 21 of this year, will be a truly horrifying experience, it'll all come to an abrupt and peaceful end when everything is, once and for all, irreversibly and irrevocably dissolved.

Dave Mielke